Pittsburgh Recording Studio

Hello, I'm J Vega.

I began my recording career interning and working in many studios across the country throughout the 90's. I spent the 00's playing in bands ranging from Punk to Pop to Twang and making records that found their way onto "Laguna Beach", "The Hills", "Bad Girls Club", Fox Sports, MLB, and more.

In 2010, I opened The Wilderness Recording Studio just outside my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. In those few short years, I've worked with hundreds of different artists and bands on both studio and live recordings. I've produced, engineered, and mixed countless releases ranging from Rock, Pop, Electronic, Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Punk, Hip Hop, and Experimental.

Pittsburgh Music Producer

Beyond just creating great sounding recordings, my true skill is helping artists express themselves in unique ways and capturing the essence of their individuality. I love finding novel approaches to every aspect of the creative process, often using unusual or archaic methods to achieve interesting results.