J Vega is an American artist, musician, and producer. His latest work uses ambient soundscapes and generative AI to illustrate visionary experiences.


Hitting early musical success fronting The Speeds, Vega scored a plateful of TV licensing deals from The Real World to The Kardashians. The band garnered worldwide airplay and hit the college radio charts hard but split before a meaningful legacy was established. Vega joined indie darlings Boca Chica on guitar and produced their critically-acclaimed swan song in his Wilderness Recording Studio, where he would go on to work with the likes of YouTube star Josh Herbert, crypto influencer Ryan “King” Solomon, Grammy-winning producer Mark Kramer, and the legendary Misra Records label. Along the way, Vega played instruments on hundreds of recordings by artists in nearly every style.


Vega next turned to exploring other ways to influence the psyche through art and stimuli, creating novel audio encoding techniques, several of which he presented with the psychoacoustic experiment VNYVRT, a 13-part video cryptogram with ipsative testing. This was followed by the 10-part “Violet V” avant-garde video series and the hour-long audiovisual psychotronic installation “Psionic Sympathiser”.


Vega currently works with multiple experimental AI tools to create a robust visual lexicon based on dream logic and crafts rich, subtly textured aural environments through unlikely sound sources and aggressive filtering techniques.